Planning for Success

Practice good time management

Schedule time to work on your classes

Treat studying and classes like it is a job. Remember 8 is great!

  • 8 hours of school work, 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of personal time

Schedule an appointment and the LAC-DS to help with time management in distance learning.

Consider making a daily to-do list 

Take breaks as needed

Be Mentally Engaged

Remember, you are in class even though you are working remotely

Do not multitask as you cannot focus on two things at once 

Take notes! This will help you focus and stay engaged in learning. Don’t just rely on reviewing slides again. Notetaking is an active learning process.

Actively participate

Use the discussion boards and ask questions! Continue to communicate with professors via email or Canvas/Sakai

Communicate with classmates. Use Google Hangout for virtual study groups

Research shows the more you collaborate, the more you learn in remote instruction classes.

Be Professional

Remember, be professional at all times. If in a discussion group, remember intent and humor do not always translate well via online messages. Respect privacy of classmates and respond respectfully in discussions.

Come to class like you would in real life (clothed and presentable, especially if there is video conferencing!) Being physically dressed and ready will signal your mind it is time for school work. 

Set SMART Goals for studying and completing work

photo of class interacting

  • Be Specific about what you will read or work on. Don’t just write “Chemistry class” but “Read Chemistry chapters, watch lectures, complete lab assignments”
  • Make it Measurable – note page numbers or chapter to read; number of Discussion board comments to make, etc
  • Actionable – Be active, not passive.  Make sure your goal is something you are able to act on. 
  • Realistic – Be honest about the amount of work you can do in a day or a setting. Reading three chapters in one hour may not happen.
  • Time Bound – Know your deadlines and make deadlines for yourself. Set appointments to go to class and work on classwork.

Beat Deadlines

Computers/internet are not always reliable. Don’t wait until the last minute to submit as something could go wrong.  

Use Google Calendar reminders to help set class appointment times and deadlines. You can set alerts to remind you of the deadline in advance. 

Need help prioritizing work? The LAC-DS is available for virtual Academic Coaching!

Hold yourself accountable for completing work

Check in with your friends, classmates, or academic coach. 

Monitor your own learning and use your metacognition (thinking about thinking)

  • Are you staying focused? Are you engaged? Check yourself.
  • Consider what is working well and not working well.

Use distance learning to your advantage

Re-watch videos or lectures 

Ask questions via the learning platform or email your professor/classmates

Practice and Give Grace

The more you use the new platforms, the easier it will get

Don’t get discouraged with learning a new software system or with a new way information is presented to you

Give yourself and faculty grace as we are all taking on this new challenge

Remember your values, goals, and why you chose Wake Forest.

Though your environment may have changed, our commitment to your learning has not.